This is the Order of Using the Right Skincare

This is the Order of Using the Right Skincare – For those of you who are still underage, the face is the most expensive jewelry. Using skincare should not be careless. The following is the correct order of using skincare for morning and night along with tips.

To get healthy facial skin of course requires regular care. The selection of skincare products that are suitable for skin conditions and types should not be ruled out. So that we don’t use products that are not suitable for our skin.


However, in addition to choosing the right product, the order in which skincare is used must also be considered. This is useful so that the skincare you use gives maximum results.

Because, even though at first glance the order of using morning and evening skincare looks the same, there are some differences in the order and products that should be used once, either in the morning or at night.

So, so as not to confuse, here is the order of using morning and evening skincare that you must know.

1. Makeup remover

Before actually entering the sequence of using the right skincare, of course your facial skin must be free from makeup and dirt that sticks to your skin. Therefore, use a makeup remover to clean your facial skin properly. Don’t forget to choose a recommended makeup remover that suits your skin type and also use cotton with a soft texture.

2. Cleanser

Cleaning the face using makeup remover alone is not enough, so the skin must be cleaned again using a cleanser or face wash. Prepare your skin to be clean so that when you enter the sequence step using the correct skincare can be maximized.

3. Exfoliator

If the makeup remover and cleanser have done their job by removing makeup and dirt on the face, it’s time for your skin to need a product that can remove dead skin cells. There are many types of products that are used before entering the sequence using the correct skincare, which can be in the form of scrubs or chemical exfoliants with active ingredients.

4. Toner

In order to use the correct skincare, apart from making sure your facial skin is really clean, what you also need to pay attention to is maintaining the pH balance of your skin. Water and chemical products in facial cleansers can of course make the pH of your skin unbalanced, so your skin needs a toner too. It has a liquid texture that can absorb perfectly into the skin, so after using toner, your skin is ready to enter the sequence stage of using the right skincare.

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5. Essence

After the facial skin is clean and the pH is balanced, then you can enter the sequence using the correct skincare in the first stage by applying essence products. This product has a texture that is similar to serum but is slightly more fluid with the benefit of nourishing the skin first and strengthening the protection of the skin. How to use it, simply pour the essence into the palm of the hand, gently tap on the facial skin for maximum results.

6. Serum

In the next sequence of using the right skincare, use a serum product to add the vitamin content that your skin still needs. Don’t get me wrong, essence and toner are not the same product. The way to use it is also different. If the essence is applied by means of a tap, then how to use the serum by gently rubbing it on the face.

7. Sheet masks

When the facial skin is perfectly nourished, then continue again by maximizing it using a sheet mask in the order of using the correct skincare. Having many variants, choose a sheet mask that suits your skin type so it doesn’t cause skin problems. The way to use a sheet mask is usually to put the mask according to the shape of your face, then let it sit for 15 minutes, until you remove the mask, and spread the sheet mask liquid on your face so that it can absorb well.

8. Eye cream

Also pay attention to certain parts of your face such as the area under your eyes by choosing eye cream in the correct order of using skincare. How to use it is like using regular moisturizing products but this time around the area around your eyes. This product has a working function to moisturize while reducing problems in the eye area such as panda eyes or wrinkles.