Things to Know Before Doing Cosmetic Surgery

Things to Know Before Doing Cosmetic Surgery

Things to Know Before Doing Cosmetic Surgery – It is undeniable that having a beautiful face, glowing white skin, and ideal body are the dreams of all women. Technological advances along with many beauty clinics have made it easier for many people to perform beauty surgeries to beautify themselves.

However, before rushing into cosmetic surgery to make it look attractive, it never hurts to consider and know more about cosmetic surgery. What are the things that need to be known before deciding to do cosmetic surgery? Come on, note the explanation.

1. What is cosmetic surgery?

The processes and techniques applied in cosmetic surgery aim to make a person’s overall appearance better and more beautiful.

Beauty surgeries can be performed on body parts such as the face, neck and body by increasing the proportion and symmetry of the body as well as the aesthetic aspect of the patient to make them look better. It should be noted that the operated limb is not deformed or injured. This is why cosmetic surgery has an elective nature.

Contouring for the face (facial contouring): chin and cheek shaping, nose surgery (rhinoplasty).
Breast surgery (breast enhancement): breast lift (breast lift), increase breast size (breast augmentation), and reduce breast size (breast reduction).
Body contouring: liposuction, tummy tuck, and gynecomastia treatment.
Facial rejuvenation: facial rejuvenation: raises or tightens the face (face lift), raises the eyebrows and eyelids (brow lift, eyelid lift), and tightens the neck.
Skin rejuvenation: using Botox, fillers, and lasers.

2. Select doctors and clinics who are experienced in their fields

Check that the clinic has a license to operate, adequate equipment, and a hygienic room. You also need to check the qualifications of the doctor who will perform cosmetic surgery, for example a valid license and sufficient experience.

To find out whether the doctor who will perform cosmetic surgery has been registered at the Indonesian Medical Council, you can see it on the page then press the “check doctor” button, then enter the full name along with the verification code.

In addition, you can also read the doctor’s profile on the hospital page where the doctor practices. If you want to do cosmetic surgery abroad, make sure you have clear information and references about the qualifications of doctors and clinics to avoid unwanted things.

You also need to see the doctor several times before deciding to have surgery. Launching WebMD, everyone who wants to perform cosmetic surgery is advised to meet face-to-face with a doctor to discuss their medical condition or history and healthy lifestyle habits such as smoking or not, exercise, and the frequency of drinking alcoholic beverages. From here, the doctor will decide whether cosmetic surgery can be performed or not.

3. Body condition suitable for cosmetic surgery

Even though this cosmetic surgery is not a major operation such as removing tumors or cancer cells, you are still required to do a series of medical tests, psychological tests, and know all the requirements so that you can perform the surgery. For example,

Doctors will even ask patients to quit smoking 2 to 4 weeks before and after surgery. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to do tummy tuck and breast augmentation programs. Some programs, such as buttock lifts and neck lifts, require a normal body weight.

everyone who wants to do cosmetic surgery must also tell the doctor what supplements and herbal medicines are consumed on a daily basis. This is to reduce the risk of bleeding and / or complications with the drugs used during the surgery process.

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4. Have sufficient funds to carry out operations

Performing cosmetic surgery is costly. It would be nice for you to do a survey first and calculate the funds you have. You can also ask the clinic what payment options are available.

Don’t just want to look beautiful and harm yourself and others. For example, forced yourself to borrow money from family and friends or use a credit card but then had difficulty paying the installments.

5. Learn the types of drugs and procedures carefully

Ask the doctor how the surgery will be performed, how long it will take to heal, side effects, and the drugs used.

Regarding treatments using botox and derma fillers, the National Health Services page states that the use of botox drugs must be prescribed by a doctor and the patient has been evaluated by the doctor.

If the medical personnel who are going to inject Botox are not doctors, you are obliged to ensure that the medical personnel have received special training. Meanwhile, for derma fillers, you need to know the name of the product that will be used and produced where. The doctor who will perform this procedure must also be experienced.

By knowing the procedures and drugs used, you can prepare yourself and tell your doctor if you have allergies or certain medical history that conflict with one of the treatment methods.

Knowing the duration of your recovery period can help you arrange time off from work or college. You also need to tell your workplace or lecturer that maybe during the healing period you haven’t been able to work optimally.