Some Recommendations From Cute Make Up Shelves

Some Recommendations From Cute Make Up Shelves

Some Recommendations From Cute Make Up Shelves – Skincare and makeup are important components to support your appearance as well as a means of running your beauty business, such as makeup artists, beauty bloggers and vloggers, as well as other beauty enthusiast activities.

Therefore, adequate storage is needed so that these items are well preserved and neatly arranged on the dressing table, without fear of looking messy.

Well, here are five recommendations for cute skincare and makeup racks that make these items more organized. Anything?

1. 360 ° acrylic organizer

This shelf has recently been in the spotlight because of its beautiful shape and can contain many components for storage. Although the overall organizer has a tubular shape, the various bulkheads allow us to put skincare and makeup in various sizes.

As the name implies, the skincare shelf material above is formed using acrylic. Transparent plastic which is lighter and stronger than real glass. This 360 ° acrylic organizer can also be rotated so that it will be easier to store and retrieve beauty items.

To have this transparent shelf, you can find it in various online stores with estimated prices ranging from sixty thousand to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

2. LED Cometic box

This egg-shaped beauty shelf can be used as a storage for skincare and further makeup to make your room look more organized and comfortable, the name of the shelf is LED cosmetic box.

In this shelf, you not only get large storage behind the oval glass, but there is an additional LED on the mirror that allows you to still see your reflection when the room is dim.

Because of the dual function and size that is quite large, storage for this type of LED cosmetic box is pegged at a price of two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand rupiah.

3. Cosmetic storage drawer

This type of storage makes it possible for someone to drop things they don’t want to see in the drawer, and store those that need to be reached by the eye on the other side of the shelf. Because the cosmetic storage drawer does not use transparent materials.

The advantage of having this type of storage is that you can save space on the dressing table as well as the shelves you can put whatever you want without looking untidy because they are covered by the color of the material.

The price of this cosmetic storage drawer is still quite affordable, which is forty to seventy thousand rupiah, depending on the model and size chosen.

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4. Multipurpose mini shelf

For those of you who don’t have a lot of skincare or makeup so you need enough storage so that you don’t take up much free space, a solution that can be used is to use a multipurpose mini shelf as a replacement.

The shelf uses a material in the form of plastic with a drawer at the bottom and bulkheads at the top of it. Not only skincare and makeup, you can occasionally use this shelf as storage for learning tools too.

Due to its smaller and more compact size, the price offered on this multipurpose rack is still affordable, namely fifteen to thirty thousand rupiah.

5. Skincare mini fridge

Not only food and drinks, skincare also has a special refrigerator as a storage medium that keeps these beauty components fresh and awake, that thing is a skincare mini fridge.

Having the same shape as a refrigerator in general, this place can also be inserted by skincare of various sizes and several sheet masks on the door. There are also models designed to regulate cold and warm temperatures for greater versatility.

For those of you who need to store the skincare mini fridge, get ready to spend from seven hundred thousand to millions of rupiah per piece.

So, those are the five skincare and makeup storage racks that are recommended for those of you who need a place to store these beauty items. Don’t forget to adjust it to your needs so that the shelf is used properly, huh!