OMG - Newest Beauty Lipstick - Oh My Glam

OMG – Newest Beauty Lipstick – Oh My Glam

OMG – Newest Beauty Lipstick – Oh My Glam – OMG – Oh My Glam is one of the newest local beauty brands. If you are acquainted with this one beauty brand and the products they have launched. Let’s just go ahead with the following article!

1. With the #NEVERFADE campaign, OMG – Oh My Glam wants to highlight the importance of self-confidence for women

As a beauty brand, OMG – Oh My Glam wants to be able to help Indonesian women achieve their dreams with a high sense of self-confidence. For this reason, they carried out a campaign entitled #NEVERFADE at the launch of their first product.

Karina Anindita as the brand manager said, “Initially we saw the insight that many had dreams and goals, but not all of them were confident in achieving those goals.”

“And, the meaning of success can mean a lot. It can be used for self-actualization, family, and even have a greater impact on its benefits for more people,” he added.

For this reason, this beauty brand also holds four main visions which become their brand personality. Among them are confident, up to date, value for money, and attention seeker.

As a beauty content creator, Abel Cantika is excited by the message OMG brings. He said, “Every woman is beautiful. And, when we can highlight our strengths it makes us even more beautiful. So, I want to continue to be able to help my fellow women”.

2. Beauty is not just an outward appearance that is seen by others

For Karina, the meaning of beauty itself has a very strong role in a person’s personality. He argues that beauty is not just a matter of outward appearance that is seen by other people.

“Beauty has a deeper meaning. If they feel beautiful with makeup, she will feel happy with herself. Feeling satisfied and her self-esteem will increase, in the end she will be confident,” she concluded.

In addition, he also hopes that this sense of self-confidence will lead to better opportunities for everyone.

“We must always appear confident and always lose our enthusiasm. Because we don’t know when an opportunity will come at what time. So that we can always be ready to take the opportunity,” he added.

3. With their latest lip cream collection, there are 6 ombre lip creations that you can try. Here are tips on using ombre lips in the style of Abel Cantika!

Karina said that there are 6 ombre looks creations that can be tried by OMG customers. For that, in this virtual press conference, Abel Cantika also demonstrated one of the charming ombre color combinations.

First of all, Abel put on shades 10 (Shell) which are nude coral tones all over her lips. After the set, she wears shades 12 (Scarlett) on the inside of her lips. Then, she pursed her lips slowly to blend the two lip cream color combinations.

To get smooth ombre results, Abel shares some of his suggestions for beauty enthusiasts.

“It depends on the product as well. Several times I have to use several layers of lip cream to make the first color come out. Later on the second color actually piles up. But, OMG this color is really intense so the color immediately comes out and blends,” he said.

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4. Tips for treating dry lips ala Abel. Note carefully, here!

In addition to facial skin conditions that must be maintained, caring for lips to stay healthy and moisturised is no less important, you know! Therefore, as the owner of dry lips, Abel has a few tips.

The most basic tip is to drink enough water. Then, he also suggested to diligently use lip treatments such as lip balms and lip scrubs.

“Usually before applying lip color products I like to clean my lips first. After using lip balm, I blot her lips with a tissue so that there is no sticky residue on my lips. Just put on the lipstick!” said this beauty influencer.

Owners of dry lips are usually a little cautious about using lip color products that have a matte finish. To avoid lips that are too dry, you can look for products that have moisturizing properties.

Ayu Tarantika as OMG brand executive also said, “OMG contains vitamin E and jojoba oil which keeps moisture and protects our lips from free radicals”.

5. There are 12 different lip cream colors available in the collection
The launch of OMG – Oh My Glam, the Latest Local Beauty Brand

The OMG – Oh My Glam Matte Kiss Lip Cream collection contains 12 color choices and has been BPOM certified and received the MUI halal label.

In addition, this local brand’s lip color product also has a matte finish which makes it claimed to be more durable. Transfer-proof and it doesn’t stick to your mask!

That’s the latest information about OMG – Oh My Glam Matte Kiss Lip Cream. Do you have shades that you like?