Makeup Tips for Panda Eyes

Makeup Tips for Panda Eyes

Makeup Tips for Panda Eyes – Panda eyes are a natural thing that happens if we don’t have enough time to sleep. There are many things that can be done to cover it up or disguise it, including by means of makeup.

Panda eyes or dark hues under the eyes are sometimes a problem that spoils the appearance. Dark circles under the eyes make the face look not fresh and gloomy. Very annoying, huh? Well, when skincare has not been effective in dealing with your eye bags, another way to do it is to cover it with makeup. These are the makeup hacks that panda eye owners should know to make their face look fresher instantly!

Use eye primer
Many people skip this step, but wearing eye primer is very important to cover our panda eyes perfectly.

This is because eye primer not only makes our concealer last longer, but also makes the surface of the skin smoother and brighter, so it’s okay to disguise our panda eyes.

Color corrector
Different from concealer, we really have to use a color corrector if we want to perfectly disguise panda eyes.

Color corrector makes skin tone neutral and balanced, so concealer becomes easier to cover panda eyes.

But what we need to know is how to choose the right color corrector for our skin tone and panda eye condition.

When our panda eyes are reddish, we have to use green to neutralize them. If the color looks like a bluish purple, cover it with red for those with dark skin and peach/orange for those with light skin.

But if our panda eyes just look dull, we can neutralize them by using a purple color corrector to make them look brighter!

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Wearing foundation
It’s wrong if we apply a new concealer to the foundation. Although many say concealer must be used first to have high coverage.

But by applying foundation first, the coverage is not only higher, but more natural!

Wear concealer
After using foundation, it’s time to use concealer, but don’t be careless, because there must be a certain technique when using concealer.

Make sure to choose a concealer color that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. This makes the concealer reflect light and make our under-eyes look fresher.

Next, we must pay attention to the technique of applying it. With whatever tool we use concealer, whether with fingers, brush, or sponge, make sure we apply it by tapping gently, not rubbing, because it can irritate our soft bottom.

Don’t forget to blend the concealer into a wide area, not really under the eyes. This will make the concealer color more even and natural! Make sure to blend it all the way to your cheeks and the corners of your eyes.