How to Make Up Last Long Even if the Skin is Oily

How to Make Up Last Long Even if the Skin is Oily

How to Make Up Last Long Even if the Skin is Oily – Makeup is very important to enhance your appearance. Some women believe that wearing makeup can increase their self-confidence. Types and makeup products also vary, from cheap to expensive. From easy to use to requiring special skills.

Unfortunately, not all types of facial skin can be applied to makeup and can last long on the face. Especially for those of you who have oily facial skin. The reason is, excess oil production can cause makeup to not last long on the face.

1. Clean the face

Cleaning the face is one of the keys to maintaining beauty. By cleaning the face before applying makeup, any residue left on the face can be removed in a gentler and easier way.

Our facial skin produces oils such as sebum. Of course, cleaning the face can help prevent skin pores from closing as well as causing blackheads and pimples. To clean your face, you can rinse your face or use a cleanser.

2. Use a primer

For those of you who have oily faces, don’t forget to apply primer first before applying makeup. Apply primer to the face and focus on the T-zone areas such as forehead, nose and chin. This is because the T-zone is the area that produces the most oil.

After that, you can apply foundation that can make your face look smoother. Primers can also help your foundation last longer and don’t get greasy easily, you know!

3. Use oil free makeup

For those of you who have oily faces, your facial skin produces more than enough oil. So make sure that the makeup products you use, such as sunscreens, moisturizers, foundations, and others, don’t contain oil and are noncomedogenic so they don’t clog your pores.

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4. Use a moisturizer

In treating beauty, moisturizer has a very important role. Some of the benefits of a moisturizer include nourishing the skin, preventing various skin problems, disguising blemishes on the face, and keeping facial skin well hydrated.

Well, one way to make makeup last longer is by applying moisturizer before using other types of makeup. Make sure to choose an oil free one.

5. Use loose powder

Powder is the simplest type of makeup. Powder has several functions, including preventing the face from looking shiny due to excess oil, protecting from UV rays, brightening skin tone, covering up flaws in facial skin, and improving the condition of your skin.

Well, for those of you who have oily faces, it is advisable to use loose powder. Loose powder can help absorb oil well on your face so that your face doesn’t look shiny.