How to Find Fake Skincare

How to Find Fake Skincare

How to Find Fake Skincare  – Currently, more and more women are very concerned about appearance, especially on the face. In choosing and buying skincare there must be several things that are done so as not to make the wrong choice. It turns out that there are also fake skincare tablets that are circulated secretly. Here’s how to find out

1. No BPOM permit

Getting certification from BPOM does guarantee the safety of skincare because it has been officially registered. But if there is none, you can check on the official BPOM website about whether the product has been registered or not. It could be that the product is still imported alias produced and shipped from abroad. For Allyoung products, the quality is guaranteed, because it has been registered with BPOM even though there is no certification on the packaging.

2. There is no information on the content of the ingredients

The information on the ingredients contained in the skincare packaging is the consumer’s right for safe use. You should not use skincare if you don’t include a description of the ingredients on the packaging.

3. Does not include factory

Genuine skincare will include a clear factory or office address. This is mandatory information from producers to consumers.

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4. The price is too cheap

Prices offered in the market are usually much cheaper than the original. If there is skincare that is sold cheaply while the original price is high, then beware of being afraid of being fake. It’s better to buy at a licensed place or shop or buy on the original website.

5. Has an unusual color and smell

Products containing mercury and metal compounds have a pungent odor. To cover the smell, usually use a little perfume.

6. Low quality packaging

Low-quality plastic, faded colors, original packaging, and so on can be indicators of a fake product. In fact, in some cases the name of the ingredients listed on the packaging is not written correctly.