Easy Ways of Natural Makeup for Beginners

Easy Ways of Natural Makeup for Beginners

Easy Ways of Natural Makeup for Beginners – Nowadays more and more people are taking the time to change their appearance and even beautify themselves for many people out there. But dressing up is not as easy as they think. There are many things they have to do and prepare.

How to make up natural

1. Make make-up base as needed
First, always start your make-up routine with a base. In natural make-up, you can make make-up as needed.

One way is through a combination of moisturizer with foundation. That way, you will be able to reduce the texture of the coverage a little so that the skin looks more natural and bright.

2. Reduce the use of concealer
Although the effect of concealer is good for makeup, there are times when it actually makes the under-eye area look concentrated and piled up. Therefore, reduce the use of concealer.

To make the results look more natural, try applying concealer while looking in the mirror. Just cover up imperfections that are clearly visible to the eye. Because, most people will not see your face to the smallest detail. So, use concealer more naturally too.

3. Make eyelashes more natural
Who says big and thick eyelashes are still a beauty trend today? In fact, the proof is that many women are starting to make eyelashes look more natural.

If you want to try natural makeup, avoid mascara and large eyelashes that seem excessive. Instead, try to apply mascara sparingly.

Then, use 2 cotton buds that are applied with make up remover to pinch the eyelash area. Prioritize applying on the eyelash area that has too much mascara.

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4. Avoid excessive eye makeup
To create a more natural eye makeup, try following these steps. First, apply eyeliner on the top and bottom lines of the eyes. Then, close your eyes as tightly as you can to add pigment to the roots of your eyelashes. Later, you will produce a more natural lash line.

After that, use a cotton bud to erase the pencil shading from the entire eye line. Leave the remaining color at the root of the lashes. Therefore, the eyelashes will look more natural without overly impressed makeup.

5. Do the right contouring method
Confused about creating a natural-looking contour? It’s natural that you tend to hesitate to follow a contouring method that seems difficult.

In doing a natural contouring method, try using bronzing powder. Just dab a little under the cheekbones. Make sure you apply it from above the ear to the area near the corner of the lips.

6. Use blush sparingly
Usually, rosy cheeks seem sweet. However, natural make-up prioritizes a natural-looking face.

Try applying blush as usual. Then, blend it with a foundation brush. Later, this will make the dense blush softer so that the cheeks still look bright without looking red.